Musical Journeys with Arun 

A bit about myself...

India-Early Days Born in Pune, near Mumbai(Bombay) on the west coast of India. Both parents were in education. Father came to the US in the 1930s and earned a PhD before returning. Mother was a principal of a high school in Mumbai.

Went to St Vincents, a jesuit high school in Pune. Studied classical piano for 5 years from the age of 8. While at St Vincents, a jesuit priest from Switzerland introduced me to the accordion when I was 12, a real novelty instrument in India at the time. I taught myself the basics over a weekend and that became my primary instrument to this day. In college there I formed a band. I obtained a degree in electrical engineering.

Voyage to USA-A long ship’s voyage to the USA with my younger sister(it was a thrill passing the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor) for graduate work and earned a masters degree in electrical engineering. Then joined IBM in Poughkeepsie NY and had a long interesting career, with assignments all over the world…Brussels, Copenhagen, London, and travels to the far east. Before retiring from IBM, was Program Director of Alliances(partnerships with external companies) at IBM’s software business.

Music post IBM-After leaving IBM in Westchester NY, music which was always there beneath the surface came to the forefront again.  Formed a duo “DNA” (Deborah ‘N Arun) with Deborah Moldow, who had been in musical theater for many years, and started doing engagements in the NY area.

Florida-Musical Journeys Moved full time to Florida to University Park in July ’04 and started solo one man band. Play accordion, keyboard and sing. Been busy doing gigs at private parties and clubs, retirement communities and restaurants. Wide music range from polkas, standards, pops, rock, reggae, international songs, singalongs, dance music. Composed several songs. One of them “Sarasota Bay” played on WSRZ radio in early 2010. And “Snowbirds” on WSLR in 2011. My performing theme: “Musical Journeys with Arun” where you’re taken on a musical journey to different countries and parts of the world. I record from the music keyboard to computer and burn demo CDs.

We have a son and daughter...and 2 lil granddaughters :)

Contact-You can contact me at 941 3511251 or email: